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Deutz DX Series.
Volts: 12. Kilowatts: 3.7. Number of Teeth: 9. Number of Flange Holes: 3. Bell Opening: Right.
Net Price:
Inc vat @ 20%:
DX140, DX145, DX160, DX230, DX250, DX3.10, DX3.30, DX3.42, DX3.50, DX3.60, DX3.65, DX3.70, DX3.90, DX4.07, DX4.10, DX4.17, DX4.30, DX4.50, DX4.51, DX4.57, DX4.68, DX4.70, DX4.78, DX4.80, DX4.85, DX4.90, DX4.95, DX6.00, DX6.01, DX6.05, DX6.06, DX6.07, DX6.08, DX6.10, DX6.11, DX6.15, DX6.17, DX6.20, DX6.21, DX6.28, DX6.30, DX6.31, DX6.38, DX6.45, DX6.50, DX6.60, DX6.61, DX6.71, DX6.81, DX7.10