Starter Motor

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Deutz D, DX, Agroprima, Agroplus, Agroxtra Series.
Volts: 12. Kilowatts: 3.0. Number of Teeth: 9. Number of Flange Holes: 3. Bell Opening: Right.
Net Price:
Inc vat @ 20%:
Agroplus 60, Agroprima DX4.31, Agroprima DX4.51, Agroxtra DX3.57, D10006, D12506, D13006, D2505, D2506, D3005, D3006, D3607, D40, D4005, D4006, D4007, D4505, D4506, D4507, D4807, D50, D5005, D5006, D5206, D5207, D5505, D5506, D6005, D6006, D6007, D6206, D6207, D6507, D6806, D6807, D6907, D7006, D7007, D7206, D7207, D7506, D7606, D7807, D80006, D8005, D8006, D8606, D9005, D9006, DX110, DX120, DX3.10, DX3.30, DX3.42, DX3.50, DX3.57, DX3.60, DX3.65, DX3.70, DX3.90, DX4.10, DX4.17, DX4.30, DX4.31, DX4.50, DX4.51, DX4.57, DX4.68, DX4.70, DX4.78, DX4.80, DX4.85, DX4.90, DX4.95, DX6.00, DX6.01, DX6.05, DX6.06, DX6.07, DX6.08, DX6.10, DX6.11, DX6.15, DX6.17, DX6.20, DX6.21, DX6.28, DX6.30, DX6.31, DX6.45, DX6.50, DX6.60, DX6.61, DX6.71, DX6.81, DX7.10, DX8.30, DX8.31, DX80, DX85, DX86, DX90, DX92