Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive- 500ml

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Product Description

Treats 250 Litres of diesel fuel.

Techinical advantages:
Cleans injection system.
Increases cetane level- more power.
All season treatment.
Improves combustion- reducion of noise/ smoke and consumption.
Add lubricity- reduces wear and engine runs smoother.
Prevents fuel from gelling.
Improves water separation- better filtration.

Commercial advantages of Stanadyne additive:
Made by a fuel injection system manufacturer.
Tested and approved by major diesel engine and vehicle manufacturers.
Proven to perfrom best in independent testing.
Recommended by OEMs.
Protects and improves the performance of common rail, unit injectors, rotar and in-line pumps.
Suitable for all diesel fuels, including biodiesel and ULSD.
Compatitble with the latest generation of catalytic converters, urea injection systems and particle filters.
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Inc vat @ 20%: