7 Pin LED Trailer Plug

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This New LED Plug ensures safe towing by providing an accurate visual-check, via six illuminated LED's, which light up to indicate enough power is supplied through each correct circuit and that the power from the source is active through the trailer plug. It will also assist in the detection of a cross wire connection.

If all LED lamps indicate that the power source is OK, the operator can easily deduce that any non-functioning components on the trailer are due to problems that exist with the wiring or bulbs on the trailer and not a power source problem. The new LED Trailer Plug also comes standard with an off/on switch to ensure that the LED's only illuminate when turned on for testing.

Industry standard colour coded wiring makes installation as simple as a fitting a standard 7 pin unit.

Please Note
The LED Trailer Plug will not detect broken or damaged cable from the plug to the application, nor will it detect faulty bulbs.

The LED wiring is of industry standard colours to assist in wiring and must not be removed. All attempts have been made to make the LED Trailer Plug water resistant; however, it is not warranted from all water entry to plug due to submersion. Installation instructions are included in the packaging.
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