Tyre 710/75R42 AGRIMAX FORTIS (175D/172E)

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Front/ Rear tyre for 4WD applications.
Fits Rim Size: 23 x 42, 25 x 42.
Brand: BKT.

The BKT AGRIMAX Fortis is an extra large radial tyre from BKT suitable for drive wheels. The AGRIMAX Fortis tyre is from BKT is a radial tyre suitable for High Power tractors as it allows to carry very high loads at low pressure. The special tread designs spread the load across the footprint allowing even ground pressure distribution and minimizing soil compaction, making the BKT AGRIMAX Fortis tyre also suitable for soil preparation, planting and soil treatments. The extra strong casing delivers excellent driving comfort, both on road and on fields. The wide and deep lug design of the AGRIMAX Fortis tyre allows minimal rolling resistance, more traction and longer tyre life.
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