Tyre 270/95R54 AGRIMAX RT 955 (146A8/B)

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Front/ Rear tyre for 4WD applications.
Fits Rim Size: 8 x 54, 9 x 54, 10 x 54
Brand: BKT.
Pattern:AGRIMAX RT 955
Replaces: 11.2 R 54

The BKT RT955 AGRIMAX tyre from BKT is a radial tyre designed to fit the most heavy harvesting and treatment machines. The narrow tread on the AGRIMAX RT955 rowcrop tyre incorporates special features which protect the soil and avoid damage to the delicate and valuable crops. The BKT RT955 AGRIMAX structure is designed to take the sustained high speeds experienced on road journeys between agricultural locations, maintaining a particular smoothness in approaching the soil. The converging design shape of the lugs does not attack the soil, but penetrates lightly without compacting the surface. This is the result of carefully calibrated depth and the characteristic BKT surface, with variable inclination at the base of the lugs. The corners of the lugs of the BKT RT955 AGRIMAX tyre are rounded to avoid cutting sharply into the soil.
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